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What makes platinum the perfect match for woman of today – You!

January 30, 2023

You’ve embraced your fabulous feminine self. You’ve discovered the joy of letting yourself just be who you are, not feeling the urge to rebel, or dismissing your true self. You are you. Comfortable in your own skin. It’s this refreshing quality, that makes you a woman of today. A woman who not only allows herself to just be but also celebrates it every day.

Jewellery too becomes an important part of this celebration. A celebration of your unique self, a marker of what makes you – you. And for a woman as extraordinary as you, only an equally extraordinary metal would do. A metal like Platinum.


So, let’s have a look at a few of the many qualities that make Platinum the extraordinary metal it is and a perfect match for you, the woman of today.

  1. Resilient, strong like you – Regardless of what comes your way, you have learned to navigate this journey that you are on. And you know that you will always have your own back! The resilience you embody is astounding and akin to Platinum’s. Being denser than gold, platinum is the strongest metal found in jewellery. It never loses its shape nor its natural white sheen in the face of everyday wear and tear. Just like how you never let any circumstance bend your spirit.
  2. Unique, rare, one of a kind like you – You accept all the world has to offer with open arms. You keep an open mind and with a sense of curiosity, allow your horizons to expand. You have a perspective that is vibrant and colourful, one you call your own, one that is unique. Just like Platinum, a metal that is found only in trace quantities and is found in only select locations. Brought to earth after a meteorite crash billions of years ago it is a metal that is almost 30 times rarer than gold. Exclusive and one-of-a-kind like you are.
  3. Pure, true to oneself like you – You always wear your heart on your sleeve. Never the one to be inauthentic, you are in fact unabashed in being you. You firmly believe that you shine the brightest when you are your true self. A quality you share with platinum. A metal that is naturally white never changes its colour or fades. A metal whose jewellery comes with a PT950 – 95% purity mark. Promising the highest level of purity amongst valuable jewellery. Befitting you.

It is this that makes platinum the metal that is a perfect celebration of you.

A metal born of the stars, scattered around the world in trace quantities, came to be considered as one of the most valuable metals ever known. A match for how you value everything that you are.

Its elegance and subtle sophistication mimic that of the modern woman, complete in herself, joyous and content. Jewellery crafted with 95% pure platinum, is designed to create stunning one-of-a-kind styles for you. The minute detailing the metal allows, provides a reflection of how today’s women create magic in the simplest and easiest ways. The metal thus speaks to you. It encaptures the extraordinary woman that you are. Platinum thereby is truly a modern metal for the modern you.

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