Why Platinum Evara will always be Sagarika’s most cherished wedding jewellery?

December 2, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Meeting in-laws for the first time can be a nerve wrecking experience for any bride and Sagarika Ghatge’s experience was no different. When she met Zaheer’s parents for the first time she felt a little overwhelmed. However, she was received with so much love that she was only grateful. “When you receive that kind of warmth and respect you make sure that you give the same back.” she said. She was further surprised by Zaheer’s mother when she was gifted her a necklace set by Platinum Evara.

Sagarika was very touched by this gesture and knew that the piece would always be special to her. According to her, the jewellery suited her extremely well, which delighted her as she felt appreciated. Sagarika believed that the subtle and classy jewellery pieces suited her personality extremely well and was impressed by the designs. “She understood me so well and she knew that my taste was exactly what the jewellery stood for – simple and elegant. Above all it was a token of her blessings and that made the jewellery mean so much more.” added Sagarika.

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