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November 26, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Platinum Evara jewellery is minimal yet bold and its ability to be paired with both Indian and Western outfits. So when model and actor Smaran Sahu was given the jewellery as wedding gifts, he knew just the right occasions he could flaunt it at.

For Smaran’s first look he paired his blue kurta with classic platinum chain. His little secret is “ Platinum Evara sits like a second skin” complementing his semi macho, simple personality and he felt simple and stylish Platinum Evara did that for him.

“With new beginnings came new “firsts”, and even something as small as hosting your own extended family for a Sunday brunch, became an experience filled with nerves and excitement. A special occasion for us, could only be punctuated by the elegance and simplicity of Platinum Evara.” he said.

Post the chaos of the wedding, for his night out with Aayushi, Smaran paired a comfortable linen attire with his Platinum Evara chain.

“Post the chaotic mess of the wedding, our first date together away from it all, called for us to get back to our familiar comfort space. I paired a comfortable linen attire with a Platinum Evara chain, and even though I’m not a jewellery person, I could see myself donning it with the utmost ease.” he said.

For brunch with his friends, Smaran paired a simple white shirt with a Nehru jacket and platinum jewellery. He felt that outfit was well complimented with the bold yet understated look of Evara.

“Sunday-brunch ready with this simple yet elegant Platinum Evara chain.” he said.

From special occasions to one’s everyday life, Platinum Evara jewellery fits in ease of styling it and it looks so classy without shouting out. Inspired by global trends, the jewellery helps the modern groom be his stylish best.

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