A fitting reward for all the struggles Shagufta once endured

December 2, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Meet a bride whose story may just the most inspirational of them all – one that was rife with hardships during the initial phase but finally blossomed into the happiest ending she could imagine.

Shagufta is no stranger to tough days. The journey to becoming a reputed doctor in Solapur was just the beginning of several challenges. Soon after, she also had to reconcile with the loss of her grandmother. Luckily, she found the strength to cope with this unexpected loss through the support of her mother, with whom she shares a beautiful bond.

During her wedding celebrations, Shagufta longed for her late grandmother, who she wished could be present to witness her milestone moment. However, her mother sensed her unease without Shagufta having to utter a single word.

Just before the wedding ceremony, her mother blessed her with Platinum Evara. Shagufta felt that it wasn’t just her mother’s blessings, but also her late grandmother who gave her the strength to carry on through her ordeals. Touched by her mother’s gesture of pure love, she was filled with hope as she stepped on her journey of togetherness. Shagufta also learnt that while sadness and joy are inevitable, some things will always remain constant like the blessings of the people closest to her heart. Witness Shagufta’s moment of blessing below.

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