A vibrant couple receives a fitting beginning to their marriage

December 2, 2021 - Precious Platinum

A mother whose love knew no bounds blessed the couple in question abundantly. Witness the emotional moment as she welcomes the groom as a part of her family for the first time. Bride-to-be Shanaya didn’t have the perfect beginning to her story. Along with her mother and sister, she had to move out of her father’s house at a very tender age.

As time passed, Shanaya found her soul mate, who was received with open arms into her family. The celebration became sweeter as Shanaya’s mother, who wished for nothing but a blissful married life for her daughter, welcomed the jodi with Platinum Evara.

For Shanaya, Platinum Evara is more than jewellery, as it symbolizes her mother’s blessings and love. For Nitin, it will be a reminder of the trust Shanaya’s mother has placed in him – a bond that he will always cherish. Watch their moment of blessing come to life below.

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