Redefining Bridal Trends with Platinum

November 26, 2021 - Precious Platinum

“Balance is of utmost importance for the bride of today” says actress and model Pooja Hegde as she dons a beautifully elegant bridal look in the latest feature of Femina Brides. The theme of the shoot was the modern atypical bride, drawing from every bride’s need to look uniquely different, uniquely her. Pooja brings alive the look of sheer beauty & elegance through this subtle pairing. Platinum Evara was chosen owing to its elegant and versatile designs to bring the overall look together, making a fresh departure from anything that shouts for attention.

Elaborating on the play of balance, Pooja says, “I think a lot of brides are going for a minimalistic approach these days, which is the best way to do it. They have to strike a balance between being the bride, and not looking like a Christmas tree by over accessorising!”

Talking about the art of styling minimalist jewellery, she further added, “I think it’s not hard to wear minimal jewellery, as most people can pull it off. Some people are not used to seeing themselves in minimal jewellery so they feel kind of naked with it. But I think minimal is the best way to go in today’s day and age”.

Despite of being so subtle in all her looks, she has not compromised on the appropriateness of the occasions. The colours are beautiful and easy on the eyes with the jewellery perfectly complementing it every step of the way.

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