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5 Ways To Style Your Platinum Evara Ring

January 30, 2023

While accessories accentuate a certain aspect of who you are, when it comes to precious jewellery, its role goes beyond mere adornment. They are almost an extension of you, your unique self, your spirit, as well as all that holds true of you and makes you – YOU. When it comes to Platinum Evara Rings, they are an adornment that offers endless possibilities of styling, with elegant, edgy, versatile design motifs, that talk to the woman of today. The delicate designs each come with flairs, twist turns and patterns that are striking yet subtle. Thereby allowing you to go all out with the way you express your unique self.


You’re a new you every day and so, your style too is bound to change. Whether it’s stacking rings, mix – matching them or trying out different patterns, there’s something for every day of the week and for every side of you that you want to express that day. With this style guide, find a match that has ‘You’ written all over it.

Here are 5 ways to style your Platinum Evara ring:

  1. You keep an open mind when it comes to trying out a whole variety of experiences. Exploring newer sides of you, chasing your passions while experimenting with new ways of doing the same thing – all at the same time! On the days when your heart is telling you to do it all, add some texture to your look. The Infinite Possibilities ring might just be the perfect match. With contrasting textures on either side: the smooth platinum and a diamond-studded counterpart, the ring reflects the multiple options and possibilities that you are open to.
  2. Some days are all about being subtle and elegant. On those days, space out your Simply You Evara ring. The smooth and seamless band with a diamond on the centre portrays how you truly wear your simplicity unabashedly and yet make a statement. Spacing out a set of these rings, with one being on the index while the other rests on the ring finger, further create a balanced look. One that’s bold yet understated.
  3. If the day’s mood is all about stepping into the spotlight, doing something new and adventurous by adorning a ring with a unique pattern might just do the trick. A ring that has flair, one that is studded with stones for instance catches the eye. And it does so with a hint of novelty. The curves in Platinum Twisted Spells, for instance, draw curiosity and attention. The ring also resembles the way you gracefully move through life, riding out every twist and turn life has to offer with inquisitiveness and enthusiasm.
  4. At times, creative self-expression takes the wheel, and all you want to do is an experiment and laugh out loud without a care. Wondering what accessory matches this vibe? Stacking your Platinum Elysian Ring above the Embellished Ellipse Ring is the way to go! The grooves and striking textures on these rings are a symbol of your carefree nature and how you aren’t afraid of taking risks or stating your opinions no matter how bold or distinct.
  5. If celebrating confidence is on your mind, bring out the statement piece, Platinum Starfall. The arrow-like motifs of the ring converging at the centre serve as a reminder that you have the universe within you, you are the star. A placement on the index, middle or ring finger is bound to reflect the bold you, the you that remains true to yourself no matter what.

Let your self-expression run uninhibited and let your style be a reflection of that as well! Celebrate the woman you are with Platinum Evara. Crafted with rare and precious platinum, it’s the perfect reflection of all that makes you unique, all that makes you – You!

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