Shruthi’s parents give her a token of their love

December 2, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Meet our Platinum Bride Shruthi Vinod – a successful Melbourne based Software Engineer, who hails from Chennai. From securing a career abroad to funding her own studies and contributing towards her own wedding, Shruthi has come a long way as a daughter any parent would be proud of.

For Shruthi’s parents, she has always been the pivot of the family, and it was one of their dreams to watch her get married. And it came true when Shruthi & Sarath decided to have their wedding in Chennai. On their special day, Shruti’s parents welcomed Sarath with open arms and blessed the couple with all their love and support in the form of everlasting Platinum Evara Jewellery.

This gesture of love is the one Shruthi will truly cherish for the rest of her life & even though she is miles away her Platinum Evara will serve as a reminder of this moment & her parents love.

Watch the beautiful moment between Shruthi, Sarath and her parents in the video below.

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