Aditi and Avinash’s one-in-a-million declaration of love

December 2, 2021 - Precious Platinum

We’re celebrating a couple that chose an alternate method of celebrating their love. In today’s day and age, tying the knot is synonymous to the big, fat Indian wedding, replete with ceremonies that long tail into more than a week of celebration. That’s why when we heard about Aditi and Avinash’s decision to opt for a traditional temple ceremony – we were taken by surprise! This bond was strengthened when Aditi’s mother chose to bless their union with Platinum Evara. Watch Aditi’s moment of blessing unfold below.

Our bride Aditi, a doctor by profession, told us that her Platinum Evara will always remain close to her heart. She reminisced about it fondly, “Our parents have given us the gift of a healthy life & great education that has made us who we are today – confident, capable and ambitious. Their constant love and attention is what all we need.”

Image courtesy : Band Baaja Bride | NDTV Goodtimes

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