Dia Mirza shares the blessing moment of her marriage

December 2, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Dia Mirza, a famous Bollywood actress and Sahil Sangha, a Co-Producer and Director share their story of pure love.4

“Platinum stays true to its promise of offering you exclusivity with unique and contemporary designs, and to be blessed by mom today with Platinum Evara, makes for an unforgettable moment. Platinum Evara is the perfect expression of the blessings of pure love that we wished always have with us as a couple. Our union is complete with blessings from our families and this commitment of love and respect is rightly embodied in the platinum bond that is present in Sahil’s chain and bracelet as well as my necklace and earring set. I feel truly blessed to receive this gift from mom and will treasure my Platinum Evara forever.” says Dia Mirza. Here’s the precious piece that she wore.

For Sahil Sangha “Marriage is about two halves of the same soul joining together in life’s journey and today this gift from Dia’s mom once again seals our commitment with a promise of pure love. Thank you mom, I feel blessed and overwhelmed with your love and respect as symbolised by this Platinum Evara. Our bond of love is strong just like platinum and this will always be a beautiful reminder of your blessings that will always be with us.”

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