Style Diaries with Aayushi Bangur Sahu

November 26, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Fashion blogger Aayushi Bangur Sahu shares with us her experience of styling with platinum. She was on the lookout for jewellery that could smoothly blend into her everyday while also maintain the appropriateness of special occasions. She found the perfect fit in her trousseau with Platinum Evara.

For her first look – Aayushi paired her blush pink suit with Platinum Evara. About the look she says “Platinum helped me make just the right impression on this all-important occasion. The contemporary beaded design paired well with my pastel outfit adding the right bit of luster & radiance to my look.”

“Getting ready for our first post-wedding get together with Smaran’s extended family had that slight pressure to please. To the rescue came my minimal yet precious Platinum Evara jewellery that was elegant and perfect for the occasion!” she said.

Her second instance of pairing platinum was for hosting friends at her place, Aayushi paired her bold royal blue kurta and salwar with subtle platinum with asymmetric design. She wanted something hassle free that wouldn’t require too much effort but would still be quite unique to her personality and style.

“When there’s lots to do & very little time to be ready to host, my platinum jewellery always does the trick. Hassle free and alluring it adds just the right amount of elegance & sparkle.” she said.

For the third look Aayushi looked absolutely stunning, pairing her off shoulder wine dress with this braided choker platinum necklace. She said, “The look came together seamlessly and effortlessly, looked downright stylish. I really didn’t think precious jewellery could look so fashionable”

“Date nights are special, more so after marriage! So whenever we get a chance to indulge in one, we don’t miss it! Stylish and elegant is my vibe when it comes to dressing up for it and my classic platinum pieces from Evara never fail me.” she said.

No matter what the occasion, Aayushi felt Platinum Evara supported her every step of the way, which is exactly what she was looking for in jewellery as a new bride and someone always on the go. She said “The designs pair easily with traditional outfits, plain solid colors or pastels and high necks or low necks that help exude elegance.”

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