#MyFirstEvara – A celebration of the many firsts a bride experiences in life after her wedding.

November 26, 2021 - Precious Platinum

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated milestones in one’s life. A day that marks the beginning of a new adventure. For most women, this is a day that they have envisioned right to the minutest details.

But what about your life after the wedding? A life that you are still unfamiliar with but extremely excited for. A life of many new experiences, new family and friends.

As a newly-wed bride, you have so much to look forward to. It is just the beginning of many firsts that you experience. The beauty of these firsts is that you don’t see them coming. But the moment you experience them, they leave you with a feeling of warmth and love. These moments are the foundation blocks of your new relations with your in-laws and your partner. And what makes them even more special is that they are all one-of-a-kind. Just as every bride is unique, so are her firsts.

Celebrating these one-of-a-kind firsts is something as rare, platinum. Every exquisite piece of the Platinum Evara collection is symbolic of the many first you experience as a newly-wed bride.

For instance, bonding with your in-laws and getting to know them better is a big step in your married life. Of which your relationship with your mother-in-law is of great significance. Building a bond with her isn’t as easy as it was with your own mother. As a newly-wed bride, the first time you may ask for her help would be a moment of hesitation. But knowing that she is there to support you, symbolizes the spirit of openness to her cascading guidance. Much like these cascading tassels, crafted in one of the rarest, most precious metals, platinum, that flow endlessly through a diamond cuff. A symbol of the steadfast guidance your new family is willing to give you.

Another such first is when you and your husband make a significant life decision together. After the wedding, the life you will lead with your husband is still largely unknown. There are waters that aren’t tested yet. But sometimes making a significant life decision together strangely reassures you. Like when you’re buying your own home, for instance. The first time you collectively decide to truly shoulder responsibility and invest in something together, sows the seed of a blossoming relationship. That rare moment makes you realize that your love is nurtured by the warm embrace of true partnership. Just like these gorgeous floral platinum motifs where each petal embraces the other, symbolic of your relationship blossoming forth.

In the spirit of unforgettable firsts you experience after your wedding, here is another such first. The first time you build a bond with your mother-in-law is a special moment that celebrates the love and mutual respect you two share.

Crafted in platinum, one of the rarest, most precious metals, Platinum Evara truly epitomizes the feeling of firsts. This elegant design is symbolic of your strengthened ties with your mother-in-law. The utterance of that one word transforms your relationship and the initial nervousness into something beautiful. Celebrate this rare first with these interlinked platinum hoops, strong and interdependent. They carry each other along to represent this new strong tie, you will cherish forever.

This contemporary platinum set is symbolic of the first time your husband called you his ‘wife’. A moment of warmth that cannot be explained. A moment that catches you by surprise, and fills you with love and affection. After building a strong foundation for your relationship, it is the welcoming of your new life together with marriage. It is a rare moment of bliss that cements the foundation of their marriage and gives way to a future full of love. Just like this hexagonal platinum motif with a studded diamond center, symbolic of strength, that gradually makes way for a warm rose-gold lariat.

For a newly-wed bride, these first experiences mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. These are defining moments that foreshadow the countless new experiences you will have as a married woman. These moments are a leap into a life unknown, steps you take with grace and confidence. Platinum Evara – a trousseau must-have, crafted in rare platinum is as unique and precious as the moments in your married life.

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