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January 27, 2023

You’ve embraced the fabulous femininity within. You love yourself wholeheartedly and allow yourself to just be who you are. You set your own goals, choose your own path, and chase your passions, and dreams as per your own timeline. Achieving them in your own unique way and being true to yourself is how you define success. A success you call yours and yours alone, no matter how big or small, is worthy of celebration. Because being ‘you’ & doing ‘you’ calls for a celebration and we’re here for that.


Celebrate your wins with Platinum Evara

  1. You took the leap of faith. You decided to trust your gut and chase your dreams. You’ve always known that your instincts are the best roadmap and you’re letting them lead the way. Celebrate this win with Platinum Evara’s Mystic Wheels Necklace, a symbol of how you navigate the journey you’re on with confidence and grace.
  2. They told you, you could be anyone you wanted to and you chose to be yourself. You chose to speak your mind and do the things that you like. You embraced who you are with confidence and love. And every act of self-love is an occasion to be celebrated. The Platinum Circle Of Life Bracelet might just be the perfect fit for this one.
  3. You learned to dance, to waltz through the many ups and downs of life, while always staying true to your own rhythm. The way you embody all that spirit and energy is incredible. The Platinum Blooms Earrings reflect that very quality and would be just the right addition to your attire.
  4. Letting all your varied facets coexist is a skill you’ve perfected. And one that you continue to practise every single day. That’s resilience right there. And to commemorate this personal victory, let the Platinum Magical Hurricane Earrings be your accessory. They reflect not just your strength but your ability to create wonderful things.
  5. You’ve begun writing your story and that is a feat like no other. You don’t know how the story will unfold but you’re taking it one page at a time, listening to yourself along the way. An act that deserves to be acknowledged. The Platinum Mystic Pellets Bracelet compliments the way you mould yourself on your journey.

You’re resilient and your self-belief always remains undeterred. You know you’ve got your back and you always show up for yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader and deserve to rejoice in the little moments life has to offer. You deserve to celebrate all your little wins. So, take the time to acknowledge these moments you treasure with Platinum Evara. Because just like you, Platinum never loses its natural white sheen in the face of everyday wear and tear. And just like you, Platinum is rare. So much so that it’s only found in trace quantities on earth.

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