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November 26, 2021 - Precious Platinum

As a stylist because I’m always on the go I truly value comfort in whatever I choose to wear. Though my approach is simple, for me an outfit is never really complete without that one special accessory that elevates the overall look.

One of the trends I’m drawn to currently is minimalism and the trick to nailing this trend is to focus on the details. Another advantage of this trend is its timelessness and the ease of incorporating it into any style. And in my experience Platinum Evara happens to embody this to the fullest. It is the perfect accompaniment to a modern woman’s wardrobe. The pieces have the subtle elegance to amp any outfit without looking over the top. Due to this, not only does it pair well with everyday outfits, it is also a perfect fit for the contemporary bride’s trousseau. Wanting to get a taste of what it has to offer, I decided to incorporate Platinum Evara jewellery in my own wardrobe to see how I could best style it.

I often go to brunch with my girlfriends and I like to look stylish while maintaining my comfort. So for my brunch outfit, I chose a necklace, earrings and a bracelet by Platinum Evara to pair with my off-shoulder top. What I really liked about this look was how easy it was to put together, the central element of the necklace didn’t over power and was the perfect highlight to my look.

Another thing that is important to me especially when styling Indian wear, is balance. So for my friend’s engagement ceremony, I chose this beautiful floral motif necklace set and paired it with a bright lehenga. The subtle platinum, the elegant motifs and the understated sheen of the pieces were perfect combination of preciousness and subtlety. Moreover, the ease of the jewellery did not compromise its appropriateness for the event.

I also discovered that platinum jewellery is also perfect for everyday office wear. For a full day of client meetings I wanted something subtle yet stylish to bring my look together and Evara came to my rescue once again. The jewellery looked perfect with my silk beige blouse and added an air of allure to the outfit.

Through the process of styling Platinum Evara, I discovered how versatile its pieces are. Due to this, I find myself reaching out for it more often than not, so much so that Evara has become my go to for evening events and night outs. I was recently invited to attend a brand and for that I chose a pair of beautiful drop earrings and bracelet paired with a lovely blush dress to complete my look for the evening.

The utilitarian value coupled with the subtle elegance and preciousness of platinum jewellery lends my recommendation to Evara. It’s the quintessential fit for any occasion for the modern woman of today.

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