5 ways to style Platinum Evara’s latest collection this festive season

December 14, 2021 - Precious Platinum

Whether you’re celebrating the end of the year with an intimate small gathering or you’re heading out of town, there’s no time like now to dress up and look your best especially when you bid adieu to 2020! There’s nothing that says grace and style like jewellery crafted in rare platinum which is a mix of versatile pieces and essentials. A tribute to the women who have risen with grace even in trying times Platinum Evara’s new collection is beautifully designed to represent rarity, strength, endurance displayed in this tumultuous year. Born of cosmic origin platinum mirrors the same values that young women today stand for rarity, uniqueness, strength and endurance

And true to its origin the collection of Platinum Evara takes inspiration from the cosmic phenomenon of a supernova, the explosion of a star. The design palette is a mix of facets, disruptive lines and frames that create an illusion of volume. Along with defining edges, enveloping and refracting forms. Angular, edgy, and yet dimensionally fluid with circular forms, curves and grooves, each design in the collection is a fitting homage to a woman who rises with grace, every single time. The pieces range from statement platinum rings, intricately designed platinum necklaces, and even stunning essential jewellery like earrings and bracelets.

Here’s how you can style some of Platinum Evara’s most exquisite pieces:

For a family Christmas brunch

The tree is lit up, there’s a delicious scent wafting in from the kitchen, and the only thing left is for you to dress your best! We recommend pairing a colourful dress that brings plenty of Christmas cheer and with these lovely earrings crafted in rare platinum – a metal that remains unchanged over time. Staying rooted yet branching out seamlessly, these leaves emerge from a diamond-studded stem. They represent a journey of moving towards new horizons while staying centered in courage.

For a glamorous night out

Chances are you haven’t been out a lot this year, but if you’re giving yourself a break and letting your hair down for a night, here’s what you should go with: Pair smart trousers with a dressy top (throw on a jacket on top). Last but not least, slip on this stunning platinum squared ring stacked against another ring with a diamond-studded infinity arc from the Platinum Evara collection. Let this infinity symbol be the opening of infinite possibilities in the year to come.

For a weekend getaway

If you’re heading out of town for the weekend, don’t leave your jewellery at home! Team up a light summer dress beneath a winter coat with knee high boots. And for the perfect accessory, wear this gorgeous versatile oval-shaped platinum pendant. A piece that can be worn in 3 ways it represents how you seamlessly adapt to changes around you.

For a virtual office party

Staying safe and staying home? That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from dressing up. Put on a pantsuit, scrunch up your hair in a bun and wear a pair of these stunning versatile arrowhead earrings from the Platinum Evara collection. There’s nothing like platinum to add some holiday cheer to even a Zoom party! These arrowheads represent your courage and how it propels you forward on any path you choose.

For that house party with your inner circle

To make your Christmas house party with friends a special one pair an oversized knit sweater, a slim skirt and perhaps colourful leggings underneath. And just to add something special to your outfit, go with these glamorous stackable rings that have yin and yang triangles teamed with diamond hexagonal motifs from the Platinum Evara collection.

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