The Purity Assurance

How Do I Know If A Piece Of Jewellery Is Genuinely Platinum?

To be sure what you have bought is genuine platinum:

  • Insist on the Purity Assurance Card with every purchase of platinum jewellery
  • Ensure that your platinum jewellery carries the Pt 950 mark
  • Make sure you purchase jewellery from a PGI authorized retailer
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Pt950 - Platinum’s Mark Of Assurance

Each piece under the range of Platinum Evara is distinguished by the Pt 950 mark, signifying its authenticity.

What Is Platinum Assurance?

Every individual piece of platinum jewellery has an assured purity of 95%, which is certified by the Pt 950 mark stamped on each of them.

The accompanying purity assurance card carries a unique identification number along with the weight and purity of that particular piece.

PGI’s Quality Assurance Programme assures true value for all patrons by ensuring that the platinum you buy is of the highest possible purity.