About Platinum Evara: Platinum Jewellery

As women on this journey called life,
we’ve come a long way.
We’ve learnt that our femininity, is a big part of who we are.
Something to be celebrated,
Not something to be hidden away.
A new perspective,
a fresh voice on the table.
A celebration of sass and sisterhood.
You see, we are not fighting battles
in the way you think we should be fighting them.
We’re doing it our way. Because for us,
the biggest victory is in being ourselves.
No apologies.

Because owning our fabulously female self,
in its purest, most unabashed form,
is our way of falling in love with ourselves.
All over again.

So we wear what makes us happy.
What makes us feel like ourselves.
And because that feeling is so extraordinary, unique and personal,
we choose a metal as rare as platinum.
Very rare. Very you.

Why Platinum? 

In being yourself, just the way you are, you are fabulous, fearless and truly rare.
For a celebration of your femininity and the joy of being you, a metal that is the rarest of them is apt for your marvel.
There are a multitude of reasons that makes platinum that very rare metal.
Two billion years ago, a meteorite crash brought platinum to earth, making it a metal that is born of the stars.

A metal so rare, platinum has limited reserves worldwide and is 30 times rarer than gold.
Only masters of skill can turn this precious metal into stunning jewellery paying a fitting tribute to how precious you are.
All in all, platinum is unmatched in durability and can withstand years of wear and tear.
It’s a metal that is gifted with natural whiteness that doesn’t fade away with time, making it a metal that will stick with you for a lifetime.
A metal that is so much more.
Platinum is Rare. Just the Way You Are.

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Exquisite designs crafted in rare platinum